Greetings J35 Family!

2024 marks the 40th anniversary of hull l#1 of Rod Johnstone’s J35 design. The subsequent success with over 320 hulls constructed of this remarkable boat has left a lasting legacy in the sailing community as even now, 40 years later. The design is competitive and influential on racecourses around the world.

Right now, we have multiple fleets competing on the Great Lakes, The Chesapeake, California, the Pacific NW, Alaska, Hawaii, Australia and beyond. The J35 story continues!

In the coming year there is a LOT going on, especially in the Great Lakes! The 100th running of the Bayview Yacht Clubs Bayview to Mackinac Race is being celebrated and an impressive eleven J/35’s already entered for this historic 100th running! The Chicago Yacht Club will run the 114th running of their Race to Mackinac the week before with a few boats competing in both races this year including “yours truly”. In addition, the North Star Sailing Club, which boast an impressive and growing fleet of J35’s will be hosting the North American Championship Regatta September 5-8 on Lake St. Clair. This will be the second time North Star has hosted this prestigious event having previously hosted the event out of Cheboygan Michigan. With great leadership and sponsors, the planning for this event is well underway and this event is going to be something incredibly special. You will NOT want to miss it. A book is being created for the event featuring all participants and many extraordinary gifts and prizes will be offered. DO NOT MISS THIS EVENT!

In other news our Facebook page and Group continue to gather momentum as conversations, pictures, advice, questions, brags, and accolades are free shared on the social media platform. I encourage all J35 enthusiasts to join the group and follow the page, J35 Class Association. (Please note that we do not allow unauthorizes solicitation advertising on the site and any posted will be deleted.) Also, this past fall the Lake Ontario Fleet held a class approved Lake Ontario Championship Regatta which is an old event that was revived this year as the J35’s on the Great Lakes continues to be reenergized.

I keep a careful watch on our Chesapeake fleet especially those boats racing out of the Annapolis YC as they post videos of their Wed night racing on T2P TV. Available on Youtube. This is well done with professional, knowledgeable commentators and is a fun peek at what is happening each week on the East Coast with several J35’s competing each week.

Finally, thank you to the many dedicated volunteers that keep promoting the class and keep the wheels on here at the J35 Class Association. I have watched the evolution of t. fleet over the last 30 years, and I am excited about the future. From the Heyday of the 90’s through the decline of the 2000’s and the resurgence of the last ten years, it is a testament to the sailors and the wonderful design that is the J35 fleet.

Have a great New Year!
Larry Taunt
Bad Dog
J35 Class President

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