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Greetings J35 Friends and Family,

As we have turned the corner and days area starting to get longer again, interest in the upcoming sailing season is already ramping up. Some big events Registration is opening already! The Bayview YC Port Huron to Mackinac Race registration is already open with nearly 100 boats registered, and Chicago Yacht Clubs Race to Mackinaw registration opens soon. Yacht club sailing schedules are starting to appear online and large packages of sandpaper, polishing compound, paint and varnish are arriving from suppliers as winter boat yard work is starting to happen.

As most of your fleet are now well north of 30 years old mark, winter maintenance is part and parcel to keeping our boats in top form. My boat was part of the 1985 fleet and is still wearing her factory gelcoat albeit with quite a few touch ups and repairs over the years. Keeping her dry and lots of elbow grease keep her in pretty darn good shape for an old girl.

We are very excited to see the return of the J35 North American Championship Regatta this year with our host the historic Annapolis Yacht Club October 20-23, 2022.   Roger Lant is organizing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and has assured us that we will have a world class event. He has also let me know that the AYC Fall series will take place the weekend before the NA's October 8-9, 2022, for those who want to get in some practice and get used to the event venue before the NA’s.

In other news, we have undertaken a major update to the J35 Class Constitution. This document dates back to 1984 and needed some updating and modernization to bring it into the 21st century. Allowing for a streamline organization, electronic meetings, votes, and correspondence, etc. will hopefully see us through for another twenty or thirty years of iconic one design racing!

Fleet meetings are happening in the Great Lakes, and on the East Coast. These are the homes of our most active fleets (Eastern and Western Great Lake fleets and Chesapeake Bay Fleet), and I did hear from a representative of the Lake Ontario Fleet recently as there is an effort to reenergize the fifteen or so boats located still on Lake Ontario.

Our Eastern Great Lakes fleet continues to grow and do some really exciting things. One of the best things I have seen in recent years is the J35 sailing school they are running again this year. This year’s class kicks of on February 23, and they already have seventeen students signed up. They run 5 full days of classroom training and charge $750. If the students complete the training and race on a J35 five times between June and September, their check is returned to them.  Over the last several years they have run about 75 people through the program which has developed an inventory of trained crew, and at least a couple new J35 owners. A terrific idea that has paid some big results for the Eastern Great Lakes fleet. For more information reach out to Dean Fitzpatrick This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. who is a huge cheerleader for the J35 fleet.   Great Job! To all involved.

Don’t forget about the J35 forum on Sailing Anarchy and keep checking the website at www.j35.org for new and exciting information on the upcoming season.


Larry Taunt

Bad Dog

J35 Class President

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J35 Specifications
LOA 35.5'
LWL 30.0'
Beam 11.8'
Draft 6.90'
Displacement   10,500 lbs.
Ballast (lead) 4,400 lbs.
100% SA 632 ft2
I 46.40'
J 14.70'
P 41.50'
E 14.00'
DSPL/L 174