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Greetings J35 Racers,

Here in the Midwest, J35 owners are starting to come out o their winter hibernation. The “When are we going to work on the boat?” emails have started and that May launch day is starting to loom large for those that have big projects underway.   Such is the joy of owning a 36 year old boat, there is always something to do!

Other signs that sailing season is approaching are the opening of boat shows and Notice of Race notifications appearing. The Port Huron to Mackinac and Chicago to Mackinac race registrations are already open and many other races area soon to follow.

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The Western Great Lakes Fleet is hosting our bi-annual North American Championship Regatta at the South Shore Yacht Club in Milwaukee Wisconsin September 17-20, 2020 along with participating in the Chicago NOOD, Chicago Race to Mackinac, Verve Cup and Queens Cup, regattas.

The Eastern Great Lakes Fleet which has been rapidly expanding, has a busy season planned as well. They are for the second year in a row, offer a “Learn to Sail a J35” class to attract and train new owners and crew to the J35 fleet. They have enlisted the help of experienced J35, owners, sail makers, and world class coaches. The program includes significant classroom work as well as extensive on the water time.   What is very unique is that the $750 cost of the training program is waived if the participants race on a J35 in the fleet at least 5 times during the coming season.  Year one was a great success and has built the bench of trained crew in the area extensively and has also led to several purchases of J35’s. Classes are held at North Star Sailing Club. All attendees from last year got their money back and the local J35 fleet has been strengthened considerably. The 2020 class is about to begin. Congrats to Dean Fitzpatrick who has been the driving force behind this along with all of the participants and contributors in the Easter Great Lakes Fleet.

The Eastern fleet is participating in the Bayview One Design (BOD), The Port Huron to Mackinac Race, The Lake Huron Championship at Port Huron YC, the North American Championships in Milwaukee, and North Star Sailing Clubs Fall Series, as their season.

In other action large fleet meetings have been held in Chicago and Detroit recently to discuss:the upcoming season. handicaps, the pros and cons on asymmetrical spinnakers, new battery types, various folding prop options, sail inventory restrictions, level 35 vs J35 sections, boat repairs, and boats for sale, and new boats to the fleets.

All in all there is a LOT happening in the J35 world as the boat continues, after 36 years, to be one of the best, most affordable, offshore one design’s on the planet.

Visit our Web site www.j35.org , our Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/j35onedesign/   and our SA Forum http://forums.sailinganarchy.com/index.php?/topic/100917-j35-anarchist/ Post your results, questions, pictures, and stories.  Keep our J/35 community lively and up to date.

I hope your season preparations go well and you have an outstanding year!

Larry Taunt

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J35 Specifications
LOA 35.5'
LWL 30.0'
Beam 11.8'
Draft 6.90'
Displacement   10,500 lbs.
Ballast (lead) 4,400 lbs.
100% SA 632 ft2
I 46.40'
J 14.70'
P 41.50'
E 14.00'
DSPL/L 174