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Subject: Check Stay Setup

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Eric Baggerman

06/08/2015 10:14 PM  
I am new to the J35 and just purchased one without check stays. Does anyone have a recommendation on set up? I am in a bit of chop typically so would like to have them to run. I have heard Specta rather than wire and another idea about running to the secondary winches in some way. Thanks in advance. Eric
William Wildner

06/30/2015 7:48 AM  
for sure you want to do away with the cable and use all line.
if you are racing the boat you may want to get the main turning block as near to centerline as possible.

we only race our boat and have a somewhat unique setup that keeps them out of the way most of the time.

I could share details if you are interested otherwise its pretty straight forward.

Eric Baggerman

07/09/2015 9:54 PM  
Thank you for the information. I will definitely go with line. I noticed Spectra was recommended by some. I have attachment points on the backstay chain plate to put the blocks central as you recommended. Where do you run from there on yours? I saw a recommendation to go to the secondary winches but that would seem like quite a trek. Thanks again for your help. Eric
steve dallas

07/26/2015 11:56 PM  
We have ours 20' stripped and bungeed along the backstory, then back stay tang through bullet blocks to rail, then along rail to turning blocks, then cabin top secondaries when on. I'll post pic this wknd. Tony
Eric Baggerman

08/12/2015 11:11 PM  
Thank you. I can see where there are holes in the deck at the stern corners which look like they had some cheek blocks which would make sense if then running along the rail. I was thinking about putting in an in line power clutch to cleat off along the rail. Anyone use this or a different cleat arrangement? I would imagine these would be easier given the force on the line.
Where I sail it's 18-20 knots on average with chop so I've noticed a lot of pumping in the mast. I imagine I'll use these a lot.
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