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Subject: Gorii Replacement Propeller Group Purchase Program

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Larry Taunt

10/16/2015 10:19 AM  
Class Association Discounted Group Purchase Program The J35 Class Association is pleased to offer through AB Marine of Middletown RI a group discount on the Gori two bladed, geared folding propeller that is now approved as a class legal replacement to the original Martec folding propeller. The “geared” propeller features blades that fold and unfold just like the Martec EXCEPT rather than moving independently the blades are geared together so they must fold and open together. This prevents the chronic problem of the failure of one of the prop blades to fully open causing massive vibrations and inefficient performance. This will also eliminate the need to “set” the prop as the bottom blade can no longer flop open independently. Closed is closed! Further reverse thrust is significantly improved as both blades must fully open together. Retail price for the Gori Propeller is $1375 plus shipping. Through the J35 Class Association we have negotiated a group purchase price of $1000 plus shipping. For additional information on the propeller please go to http://ab‐marine.com/Gori/2‐blade‐folding‐propeller Please note that this prop is designed for the Yanmar 3GM, rated at 22hp, 3600rpm (20@3400 continuous), 2.61:1 gear ratio RH 1.00” dia. Which is the factory original J35 engine and transmission. To participate you must be a member of the J35 class association. Please notify classpresident@j35.org by November 15th 2015, and complete the accompanying form and forward with payment to the J35 Class association by December 1, 2015. You should have your new prop to put under the Christmas tree. Thanks for Supporting the J35 Class Association Larry Taunt J35 Class President
George Siro

12/06/2015 5:07 PM  
Larry, my boat came with a maxprop 3 blade feathering prop, is this an acceptable prop and would it account for a rating change as far as Phrf ratings go-California
Larry Taunt

12/16/2015 11:40 AM  
I think you should be good with the new rule change as long as the prop is not substantially lighter than the Martec. It should not impact your rating as the boat is specified already with a folding prop and generally no difference between folding and feathering ratings.

10/25/2018 2:46 PM  
Is it still possible to purchase this propeller at discount, and if not, can I get the model number and other particulars of the propeller so I can order one directly from Gori?
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